Trussonic -towa kitagawa trio- 4th album 「Echoes forever 」

Trussonic -towa kitagawa trio- 4th album 「Echoes forever 」

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Trussonic -towa kitagawa trio-
4th album「Echoes forever 」


1.Into the silent echoes
2.Like one day  
3.Distant moment 
5.Suite 「Forest in the dark」I. Prologue I
6.Suite 「Forest in the dark」II.Prologue I I
7.Suite 「Forest in the dark」III.Maze 
8.Suite 「Forest in the dark」IV.Bird cries
9.Suite「Forest in the dark」V.River flow  
10.Suite 「Forest in the dark」VI.Komorebi  
11.Suite「Forest in the dark」VII.Forest of despair

Piano 北川とわ
Bass 岡田治郎
Drums 山内陽一朗(M1.M4)
Drums 岩瀬立飛(M2.M3.M7.M11)

All songs Arranged and composed By北川とわ